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Cannice is a high-tech enterprise focusing on creating innovative and high-performance wireless audio products. Our products enable people to enjoy their lives by listening to a better sound they can’t experience anywhere else in the world. We have built an excellent reputation with our customers all over the world.

Since our establishment of Cannice in 2005, we have adhered to the ‘value’ in everything we do, whether it is from our innovative products that we produce to enhance the overall consumer listening experience, or from the way we conduct our business through excellent customer service. We spare no efforts to provide premium products that provide high value-added service to all our customers worldwide.

We truly believe that we are much more than just a ‘designer’ of many beautiful products that actually work as intended. We are a leading researcher who can identify products that consumers worldwide need and want. We are also a good partner who can create high unique service for our customers that will increase the overall enjoyment and happiness of people’s lives.

In the future, we will continue to develop more human centered wireless audio devices specializing in unique sound with high quality and attractive sophisticated design.
  • Corporate Scientific Operation

    Goal Achievement:Scientific goal setting, target decomposition, project budget, operating budget

    Process Support:Establish the first-level business process (MTO, IPD, OTC) to support the achievement of goals

    Organization Gaurantee:Build a process organization, a learning team, ensure the implementation of the process, so as to achieve the goals

    Institution Protection:Establish a timely incentive system and year-end performance commitment system. Establish a management system for qualifications and a personnel training system. Ensure the implementation of the process to ensure the achievement of objectives.

  • Corporate Culture

    Vision:Make sound more beautiful and life smarter.

    Mission:To be a leader in wireless audio product definition and technology, the most trustworthy and comfortable partner for customers.

    Core Value:Respect, Sincerity, Service, Customer Oriented.

  • Advantage

  • Email:sales@cannice.hk
  • Address:F-20, 7A , Baoneng Technology Park, Qingxiang Rd, Longhua, Shenzhen, China
  • Manufacturing Center: Pulongtun 70 , Puxinhu , Tangxia , Dongguan,China
                                              Building 2, No.21, Nange West Road, Daojiao Town, Dongguan City, China
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